Post #88 – 6/1/23 – D-I Coaches Back On The Road Recruiting

The NCAA May Quiet Period Is Over and D-I Coaches Are Back In The Rinks.

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D-I Coaches Back On The Road Recruiting

A busy few weeks before June 15 recruiting phone calls begin

Today is the day. NCAA D-I Coaches are back on the road recruiting after a five-and-a-half week layoff due to the NCAA May Quiet Period. With no D-I coaches allowed on the road in May, there was little missed, say for Canada’s Midget National Championship – The Esso Cup or a few USA Hockey district national camp tryouts.

The May Quiet period provides coaches with some downtime as the end of the academic year comes to a close. The break was nice and usually provides a chance for coaching staffs to re-set, get caught up, and plan their approach for the next important recruiting date.

June 15th is the next big date in the recruiting process. It’s when D-I coaches are allowed to initiate communication with recruits who will enter grade 11 this coming Fall for the first time.

For D-III coaches, they aren’t subject to the same D-I recruiting rules, but most follow the same D-I protocols. Players tend to make D-III commitments a bit later in the process, but not always, especially for those players who know they want a D-III Experience. That doesn’t make it any easier for D-III coaches however – it mostly means they have to wait longer for an answer.

So until then, these next 2 weeks could be a critical as coaches get in some final evals before making their calls and or official offers in some cases. Several high profile events are taking place in Minnesota and Ontario, in addition to some others. Chances are, most D-I / D-III programs will be around the rinks evaluating in person. It’s hard to beat the in-person eye test when evaluating.

In closing, I’ll add a little advice:

Don’t be disappointed if the phone doesn’t ring on June 15. Not every recruit who played D-I, got called on the first day calls were allowed.

If you are on the ice over the next 2 weeks or so, play the game the right way. Coaches want to see you make good decisions – so DON’T be a puck-hog. Pass when you should, Shoot when you can.

Everyone’s recruiting process is different and on a different timeline than yours. It’s dangerous to compare yourself and your process to others. The only person you should be comparing yourself to – is you… and asking – Are you better today than yesterday?

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Grant Kimball is founder and contributing writer at Women’s College and beginning his 4th season as an Assistant Coach with the Yale University women’s hockey program. Grant has developed an experienced perspective in the world of women’s ice hockey, having coached and recruited players from across the globe during his 25+ year amateur and NCAA coaching career. He has coached at 6 NCAA DIII and DI programs in the NCHA (D3), the CHA, WCHA, Hockey East, ECAC, and the Ivy League (DI). Beyond coaching, Grant served as a site representative for the 2019 NCAA quarterfinal of the D-I NCAA Tournament. He also currently serves as an Officer with the American Hockey Coaches Association as Vice President of Membership and sits on the AHCA’s Women’s Hockey Executive Committee.


  • Hi Grant – thank you for the always informative posts. Are most offers made late junior or senior year, while initial recruiting contacts start happening June 15 of upcoming junior year? Meaning, for example, the typical process would be 2025’s could start being contacted this June, but their recruiting process probably does not end until sometime in late jr or sr year (unless they were already known as a top prospect etc)

  • Thanks for the informative post. Is it the case that often June 15 can be just the start of recruiting for one class? For example, a spring 2025 grad is just entering the permitted contact window this June, so would not have had much or any contact yet with D1 schools. So a 2025 would typically not be committing until later jr year or sometime in Sr year? Unless of course they were already a well known prospect? Thank you.

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