To Inform, Educate, and Promote

It’s really that simple. We found a void in the girls/youth hockey echo-system. There was no one dedicated online resource where female players, their families and minor hockey/youth coaches could go and educate themselves about the sport and what it takes to play women’s NCAA college hockey. Plenty of resources for boys on the men’s side, but little for female players who love the sport and want to continue playing beyond high school just as much.

Enter our website: Women’s College Hockey.org – the first (that we know of) dedicated online resource for the female hockey player interested in playing women’s college hockey.

The site is run and managed by myself. I’m Grant Kimball, a 27-year veteran of coaching girls/women’s hockey, 22 at the D-I and D-III level. I currently coach at Yale University and have a passion for helping people reach their goals (that is why I coach). And I suppose that is why I am passionate about this site and everything we do to help push women’s college hockey forward.

So please – check out our site, read our blog, and be sure to listen to The Women’s College Hockey Podcast coming soon this Spring. Questions or Comments? womenscollegehockey@gamil.com