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Post #19 — 12/22/20 — wknd recap, scores and highlights, covid recruiting, sifters

In This Post…

  • Weekend Recap, Scores, and Highlights
  • COVID Recruiting
  • Sifters

Weekend Recap, Scores and Highlights…

How The Top 10 fared… Providence was the only team to play games this weekend as Northeastern games vs. Holy Cross were cancelled. The #7 Friars split with Maine winning game one 4-0 and losing game two 2-1. Everyone else was idle and will be until after the holiday.

COVID Postponements… COVID protocol caused the postponement of the Ohio St. @ Wisconsin series. The Northeastern/Holy Cross has been cancelled, exactly why is not yet known. Neither the Hockey East Conference or Northeastern/Holy Cross websites are saying exactly why… yet.

Firsts… Vermont saw their first game-action of the 20-21 season this past weekend. They hosted UNH in a Saturday/Sunday series at Gutterson Fieldhouse. It was also the debut of a revamped Gutterson Fieldhouse complete with new scoreboard. You can read more about the upgrades HERE.

Thursday Scores & Highlights – 12/17

Bemidji 2
MSU-Mankato 2 (OT)
Box / Video / Postgame
Bemidji wins shootout 1-0 / 4 rounds

Friday Scores & Highlights – 12/18

Merrimack 0
Box / Video / Postgame
Bemidji 3
MSU-Mankato 5
Box / Video / Postgame
Maine 0
Providence 4
Box / Video / Postgame
Ohio State –
Wisconsin – PPD
Box / Video / Postgame
Postponed due to COVID

Saturday Scores & Highlights – 12/19

Merrimack 0
Box / Video / Postgame
Maine 2
Providence 1
Box / Video / Postgame
New Hampshire 2
Vermont 4
Box / Video / Postgame
Ohio State –
Wisconsin – PPD
Box / Video / Postgame
Postponed due to COVID

Sunday Scores & Highlights – 12/20

New Hampshire
Box / Video / Postgame

COVID Recruiting…

Recruiting during COVID has been quite the challenge for college coaches, namely being able to evaluate players in person. The in-person ‘eye test’ has long been the gold standard for coaches to get a sense of how a player, well… plays. Evaluating by video however, has become much more prevalent over the years thanks to the internet and savvy parents and coaches with their iPhones & tablets. And in a year when NO off-campus recruiting has been allowed for D-I coaches – watching video is all we’ve had to go by.

I’ll be honest… watching video has been downright tough to watch if not impossible at times. Rarely is there broadcast quality video angle used where coaches can actually see whos doing what out there. It’s been a struggle just to see the jersey numbers of who’s playing. LiveBarn is like looking through a fishbowl. But let’s be honest, most high school and club teams that are playing games don’t have a videographer or a crew to set up a legit streaming broadcast. So it is what it is – for now. But there are some things a player, parent, or coach can do to make the video more palatable for college coaches to watch so we can get something out of it.

Improve The Camera Angle… quite a bit of video we get from players is shown from an ‘off-center’ type of angle. Mom or Dad is perched in a corner somewhere or behind the glass at ice level videotaping the game from a full length-of-the-rink view. Not ideal for trying to evaluate the play. Try to position yourself as close to center ice as possible and as high up so the video is not being shot through the glass. But not too high otherwise it will be tough to see jersey numbers.

Do follow the puck… if you drew the short straw for your team as the camera person and want to do a good job on the video part – don’t watch the game. Follow the puck so it’s in the middle of your screen at all times. This ensures you’ll get an equal amount of space in the shot relative to where the puck is. Coaches will see more of who’s involved that way.

Use a tripod… A tripod will help stabilize your camera and allow you to follow the play better. It can feel like we’re on a ride at Disney otherwise. They make some great phone and tablet tripods that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

UNTUCK YOUR JERSEYS!!!… Can’t say this enough – players – don’t tuck your jersey in you pants. Coaches can’t see your number and thus don’t know who you are.

Jersey and number color are important… Watching a game where teams have similar jersey and number colors don’t work. I recall watching a game in September where a team had black jersey base color and dark purple colored numbers. Couldn’t see a thing and after a while of straining my eyes, didn’t watch.

Players, send video of you WITHOUT the puck… A lot of video we get are clips of the player carrying the puck or just her shots on net. 98% of the game is played without the puck and while true we want to know what a player does with the puck, we do want to see how she plays without it and in all three zones. This is how we get a idea of what her positioning and overall ‘hockey IQ’ is like. So–DO send video clips or periods of play where we can see her in 1)Breakout situations, 2) Def. zone play, 3) Faceoffs in all 3 zones, 4) Offensive Zone entries, 5) For-checking situations, and 6) special teams–penalty killing and powerplay

Use some video editing software… One of the things that is hard to sometimes pick up on is – who am I supposed to be watching? Oftentimes the video clips we get is of a shift or multiple shifts in a row and we don’t even know who we need to watch… Players, #1, in your email please let us know what number you’re wearing and what color jersey your team is. We love the shadow circles some editing programs allow you to place in the video to highlight yourselves – those are great. iMovie evan has a tool where you can zoom in on video too help improve the camera angle even after it’s been shot. It’s called the ‘Ken Burns’… google it and you find out how to use it.


D-III vs. D-I… As we reported in a previous post, D-III Adrian college was looking to schedule games vs. D-I opponents. It has happened on the men’s side a bit this year already. Well, Adrian has been able to schedule 2 D-I games vs. Mercyhurst and Robert Morris on Jan. 2nd and 4th. You can read the story HERE.

Social Media Internship… The American Hockey Coaches Association is looking for a social media intern and has officially posted for the position. The AHCA is looking for someone to help build their social media online presence through sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Interested candidates can read about the position below and download the file. The internship runs from Jan-May, 2021.ahca-social-media-postDownload

Until Next Time… Have a great weekend everyone!

Post #5 — 11/16/20

Nov. 16 UPDATE as of 8:30am…

  • COVID Already Impacting NCAA Games and Programs

Games have been postponed this Friday between St. Cloud and Bemidji in St. Cloud, MN as at least 8 St. Cloud players tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday. Players who tested positive and meet the criteria for mandatory quarantine must remain in quarantine for up to 14-days. St. Cloud is scheduled to play its next series Nov. 27-28 vs. Mankato in St. Cloud. You can read more on this developing story HERE.

The University of Vermont Athletic Department announced late Sunday evening it will not compete in any winter sports until Dec. 18. An article in the Burlington Free-Press [Read Here] links the decision not to any outbreak of cases with any one team, but more out of a “…most responsible course of action”. Vermont has seen a spike in cases statewide which has prompted a change in restaurant dining and travel restrictions, all recreational sports has been paused until Dec. 15t as well. High school winter sports, which usually begin in late November, have now been pushed to begin Jan. 11. As one of the largest employers in the state, you can bet UVM has been in close communication with VT state health officials in how to not make matters worse. I suspect teams traveling to UVM was a major concern as states in the new england region have cases surging.

Hockey East had just announced on Nov. 11 its 20-21 women’s and men’s return to play protocol and schedule. Looks like that will be getting a major adjustment. No word on if missed games will be made up.

As we stated in our previous post, we figured hockey would have the same game postponement issues as football. Looks like hockey is in for a bumpy ride.

We will continue to update and monitor any other related COVID college hockey developments.

Until next time… stay safe and be well.