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Episode #2

Interview w/ Logan Bittle & The RMU Reboot

Episode 1

The Teaser

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We wanted to leave no doubt what our Podcast was about – so the name says it all. Our goal is three-fold: 1) Inform 2) Educate and 3) Motivate so we can make NCAA Women’s College Hockey better tomorrow, than it was today. We’ll start by giving our listeners – the players, parents, youth/minor/ high school coaches, fans, even NCAA Women’s Hockey Alums – access to the greatest minds in Women’s College Hockey today. Who knows, we might even make you laugh now and then too!

We’ll recap all the major headlines as we analyze the trending topics and storylines impacting the game. You’ll hear everything from how NCAA coaches are trying to improve the game at the NCAA and amateur levels, to advice for parents and players navigating the recruiting process, as well as interviews with the sports most impactful influencers. And of course colorful banter on anything that insects with women’s college hockey!

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