Where to start?

Want to play NCAA college hockey but have no idea where to begin? Well, if you found this page, you’re off to a good start!

Women’s College Hockey.org is much like what the website ‘College Hockey Inc.‘ is to the men’s side of NCAA college hockey. We’re the only dedicated online resource specifically designed to helping prospective NCAA female players, their families and coaches, girls hockey youth associations and administrators, understand what it takes to play NCAA college hockey.

So how do you get started? Follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way!

Step 1 — Check out our homepage Click on the different menu selections and dropdown pages toward to top of the page to learn about the many areas to consider when thinking about playing NCAA college hockey. Whether you’re interested in learning about how the recruiting process works for Division I or III, which NCAA rules recruits and coaches have to follow, the difference between scholarships and financial aid, navigating communication with college coaches – our homepage has it all. Below our menu pages are links too blog posts associated with our popular blog called The Women’s College Hockey Pipeline.

Step 2 — Subscribe and follow The Women’s College Hockey Pipeline Blog… Just click HERE! Stay current as we help you stay informed with news and trending topics from the women’s college hockey world each week. We have a full archive of 88 previous posts that range in topics from how COVID affected the future of college recruiting, what college coaches look for in when recruiting players, and special features. Subscribe NOW!

Step 3 — Identify the reasons why you want to play college hockey… Is it because you want to test yourself and play at the highest level you can? Want to combine hockey to get into a great school? Is it because you love the sport? Is it because you love the team dynamic and social camaraderie? Whatever the reasons are, identify them, write them down, and keep that list handy. Knowing why you want to play will help you choose the NCAA Division, school, and hockey program that is right for you.

Step 4 — Be sure to check out our FAQ and Links pages… Get answers to popular questions like, ‘Does it matter how good my team is? I play boys hockey, do I need to play on a girls team? Should I wait for coaches to contact me or can I reach out to them? We tackle some of the more popular questions asked of players and parents when considering playing college hockey. Our Links page is full of helpful resources such as the NCAA, the NCAA Eligibility Center, D-I and D-III conferences and teams, and much more.

Step 5 — Enjoy the process… Striving to play college hockey is a lofty goal – but one definitely worth going after! It doesn’t happen overnight and there will be some hard work involved. But finding a great school and college hockey program to play for should be an exciting and enjoyable process to go through. If you can educate yourself how the process works, keep all your options open, and have a willingness to be flexible, in the end – it will all be worth it!

So, whether you’re destined for a Division I scholarship or playing at the Division III level, Women’s College Hockey.org is the only comprehensive resource of its kind, dedicated to helping educate those who want to play NCAA Women’s College Hockey.

More steps to follow will come shortly.